Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding date?

A: We recommend you reserve your wedding date as soon as possible to ensure we have your date available. We will take last minute bookings if our availability allows us.

Q: Do you require a deposit? 

A: We require a deposit to confirm your wedding date post-trial. We do not require a deposit to book in-studio services. 


Q: Do you have a team/assistants to do more than one service?

A: Yes. We have a full staff that can service up to 20 women at once for hair and makeup.


Q: Do you do hair?

A: Yes. We do upstyles, braids, buns, curls, hair extensions, expression hair for design and more!


Q: Can I purchase products to touch up my lips, face, and eyes?

A: Absolutely. We have a full line of cosmetics with us on site for you and your bridal party to purchase.


Q: What kinds of makeup do you offer?

A: Airbrush, Film, Mineral, Vegan/Organic, BB cream, and Liquid Makeup.


Q: Do you provide lashes?

A: Yes. We provide a choice of Strip, Individual, Single Hair,  Ender Lashes, and Mink Lashes. Strip lashes come with every makeup application.


Q: How long does an application take?

A: Bridal makeup takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Bridesmaid makeup takes 30 minutes. Hair styling takes 40 minutes per service.


Q: Do you provide a touch up service?

A: Yes. This is an additional service.  We can stay for the night or just a few hours.  This service includes assistance with your gown during your photo shoot, makeup and hair changes, and touchups for the Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honor.


Q: Do you offer trials?

A: Yes. We also offer a mini photo session with professional photography equipment so you can see the translation on and off camera. You will know exactly how you will look on your wedding day and in your pictures.


Q: Do I really need a trial run?

A: A trial is strongly recommended. Many photos of wedding hairstyles in magazines have additional hairpieces and extensions strategically placed to give the illusion of height, length, and fullness. At your trial we will determine what hair is needed (extensions, expression, or filler hair). We also want to work with you on your makeup before your wedding day so that when you say “natural" or "smoky eye,” you mean the exact same thing that we do.


Q: What should I bring to my trial?

A: Bring a photo of the makeup and hair you want; be sure to make a decisive decision. We also recommend bringing a photo of yourself with your "going out makeup" to get an idea of how you wear it for a special occasion. 


Q: What should I do to prepare for my service?

A: Make sure to wash and exfoliate your skin the evening and morning before services. Wash and condition your hair on the ends only. Be sure to avoid putting conditioner in your roots as it will weigh the hair down and make it difficult to curl. We will email you a prep guide to help you with this process.


Q: How far will you travel?

A: Anywhere! Our travel fees are stated in our Menu of Service. If you would like to inquire about travel fees and destination wedding information, please email us at: info@thehouseofmakeup.com.


Q: Do you do early mornings?

A: Yes. Early morning fees may apply.


Q: Do you supply hair extensions?

A: We provide temporary clip-in extensions custom made for you in all lengths, colors, and textures. Filler and expression hair can also be provided depending on desired look. We also offer bonded hair extensions that are fused to your hair follicle and last up to 6 months.


Q: What kind of qualities can we find in The House of Makeup’s cosmetic line?

A: We've made our line good enough for professionals, yet easy enough for the everyday woman to use.  It is affordable makeup that will stay on until you wash it off. It is not animal tested and has high quality anti-aging protection for all skin colors and textures.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Events booked with Crissy are due the day-of the event cash-only. Events booked with Master Artists are due 3 weeks prior to the booked event. Invoices can be completed using bank transfer or credit. Credit payments are subject to processing fees. If you would like to complete your invoice using cash or check, we will need this payment 3 weeks in advance for processing. In-studio services are cash-only.


Q. How does The House of Makeup schedule timing for my wedding? 

A: When booking an event or wedding with The House of Makeup, you are agreeing to our professional opinion when it comes to timelines. Hair and makeup services require meticulous planning and timing to ensure that your schedule stays according to plan. If our timeline is refused or not followed, we can not guarantee timely services, and any hiccups or stresses that occur are not at fault of The House of Makeup. 


Q: How can I reserve my wedding date?

A: To book, please call 631.480.3758 or email us at info@thehouseofmakeup.com.


Q: I only want my makeup (or hair) done. My friend/stylist I’ve been going to for years is doing the other service – Is this ok?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you use non-animal tested makeup?

A: Yes. We offer an organic and vegan line for clients that request it.


Q: Where is a good place to look for makeup and hair ideas?

A: Check out our Pinterest page for ideas. Just remember to look at photos of women with the same hair, eye, and skin color as you.


Q: I am getting married in the summer, do you have waterproof makeup?

A: Yes. Our airbrush makeup is waterproof. It will not come off if you sweat or cry. We also offer waterproof mascara and eyeliners.


With each service, we use 100% of our own products/tools and adhere to strict sanitation practices.


  1. For Master Artist Events : Invoice is due 3 weeks prior to booked event. Due date is specified at the top of invoice. 

  2. Suggested 20% gratuity not included in invoice.

  3. Gratuity will be collected in two envelopes. One envelope will contain gratuity for the bridal artist, and a second will contain gratuity for the assisting artist(s) on site. 

  4. All services are non-refundable.

  5. In Studio Services: Services booked on the weekends are subject to changes depending on wedding bookings or timeline updates.

  6. On Location Services: Once artists are finished with styling, there will be a chance for minor touch-ups/changes to ensure everyone is happy. Once this is finished, the artists will leave to allow you to enjoy your day. 

  7. Services with Crissy: Once your services is complete and expectations have been met, Crissy may have to leave to service other clients due to high demand. 


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