Terms, Conditions, and Refund Policy: 


I understand that my wedding date is not confirmed until The House of Makeup has received my non-refundable wedding day deposit of $100.00. I understand that this deposit is only able to credited towards wedding day services. 


I agree to be responsible for all the guests of my party or group. If any of the people for whom I have confirmed services should cancel without notice, or fail to appear for their services, I understand that I will be charged for each confirmed appointment and service – including any services added on by phone, email, text, or verbally after the agreement is signed and sent.


I agree to notify The House of Makeup prior to the scheduled service time of any changes in the requests from me or other guests of my party.


I understand that If guests want day of services without a reservation, The House of Makeup will do everything to accommodate their needs, but can not guarantee services. Guests are not permitted to do their own or other guests' hair and makeup using The House of Makeup materials, products, or tools.


I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that myself and everyone in my party arrives 15 minutes prior to each start time, and that late arrivals will not receive an extension of the scheduled appointment times. (Your late arrival or of your party of 20 minutes or more may result in reduced service - that is, a mini-service may be substituted for a complete service - or regrettably, in relinquishment of some or all of the reservations.)


I agree to follow The House of Makeup's professional opinion on timing for on-site events. If timing is refused or not followed, timely services can not be guaranteed, and are not at fault of The House of Makeup, LLC. 


I agree to pay full the balance for all services, fees and products when the invoice is stated to be due. I agree to provide organized gratuity on the day of the event. I agree to provide organized 20% gratuity on the day of the event and to have it prepared per directions.


I understand that although there may be several people receiving different services on the day of the event or wedding, full payment of the entire balance for everyone will be made in one transaction, invoice, etc on the due date or at the due time if paying on the day-of services.


Services and deposits are 100% non-refundable.





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